High Volume Call Center VoIP Termination

We provide carriers and call centers with high capacity SIP termination. Talk to us for reliable routes you can trust

The Best Routes, The Best Rates.

For the past years we have focused on building and establishing a network of relationships of companies that focus specifically on call center and wholesale termination in the US and Canada. This network of relationships puts us in a unique position to meet the unique requests and needs of our customers

When you put our decks in route in your LCR, you'll be surprised how much traffic they will pick up. We can even prepare custom decks for you

We can turn up new ports in minutes. Accurate LRN based billing with realtime access to your stats and CDRs. No fake fees an surcharges such as others do

We don't shy away from dialer traffic, in fact we welcome it. We also have very high quality conversational routes.

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Do you allow short duration traffic?
Absolutely, we have routes especially designed for high volume short duration traffic. No minimum ALOCs on our dialer termination routes.

How long does it take to get an account?
We can provision new accounts or increase ports in near real time. Our interop is easy and you can set up your complete account and interop online.

Do your routes have FAS?
We do not allow for any FAS and immediately take any carrier out of route that shows any signs of FAS.

Can we get a test account?
Absolutely, ratedecks alone don't tell you much and can be easily manipulated thus we get testing can be important. Just fill out your information on this page and select that you want to test.

I have another question
Please give us a call or go here to contact us via email, and we'll get back to you within 1 business day (though usually sooner)

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